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Solar panel 21MW
Why Solar
Why Solar

Why Solar


Solar Energy is one of the most favourable forms of energy. Besides it being renewable & non- polluting, solar energy contribute in development of industry and job creation in the society. Solar power is a great way to decrease your carbon footprint.

Every Single house that have solar panel installed, functions as a small power plant. Which provides us with a great electricity grid security, in terms of human activity. Therefore, it’s safe & environmentally-friendly.

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Advantages of Solar

why us

Long-Lasting Energy

Use our pv solar electricity solutions to save considerable solar energy throughout daytime, and use it to power your home after sunset, through the night.

Affordable and Efficient

It is recycleable, clean and reliable product which gives potential power more than 20 years and Return on Investment you get approximately 4 to 5 years.

Reduction in carbon footprint

When you change your energy to solar, you decrease your consumption of fuels—which in turn reduces greenhouse gases & carbon emissions.

Used for multiple layout

Solar and grid which covers all of your electricity needs.

Best-in-class products

Advantage of solar
Advantage of solar panel

Be bright turn to solar power

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PVA SOLAR is among the world’s leading renewable energy source provider.