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Industrial Solar Panels in India Are Helping Businesses to Save Money and Reduce Their Carbon Footprint

India is a developing country, and Industries are developing rapidly. One aspect which is of challenge is the large electricity bills the industries pay.

With the provision of get right of entry in most of the states, industrial solar power structure are more increasingly used by various sectors such as cement, textile, paper, chemical, steel, dairy & ceramic industries to cut down their electricity expenses.

A good quality solar panel will generate a higher output as compared to inferior pv solar panel. Solar developers in India are constructing solar parks in many different states offering solar power for industries.

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To simplify all this, here is a step to guide you: Let’s take a simple procedure to complete solar panel works.


Lower cost of electricity, means lower cost of production and higher profits.


40 % (+20 %) Depreciation in first year & from next year and onwards 40% means hugetax saving.


No fear of electricity rate escalation gets free electricity after payback period.


Short payback period of 3-4 year which matches industrial standards.


Use green energy and convert your factory in to green product manufacturing unit.

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We offer special pricing for residential customers because we all know how important solar energy is for domestic consumption. To understand about special monthly packages.


Large-scale installation is applied out by our project teams in order that a high percentage of the necessities of the company is met. To decrease load requirement from the common grid makes them qualify for Govt subsidies.


Since there’ll be huge space available in such environment, our erection engineers would study your layout and are available with an acceptable solution for solar panel deployment.


Our sophisticated design and execution are well-known. We try hard to finish the project on time and ensure a smooth flow of energy from the augmented grid.


Avail our special pricing for educational institutions as their necessary differ from that of others. Check our pricing for educational institutions.


Small & Medium industries would stand to learn a good deal from solar zone as their requirements can be totally obtained from solar power itself. Their eligibility for subsidies would go several fold higher once they become self-sufficient in power usage.


Safety with our product tests


A global leader, we provide comprehensive inspection, testing, verification & certification
services around the world, and increase your market success.

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