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Frequently Asked Questions


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1.It is suitable for all weather conditions?


2.How much unit can be produce in 1 KW per day?

4 unit in sunny weather.

3.How much unit can be produce by 1 KW in cloudy weather?

2 – 3 unit in cloudy weather.

4.How much KW is needed to run a residence?

Depend upon the usage of unit per month.

5.What amount of unit is needed to switch on solar?

One can switch to solar, even if it’s consumption of electricity has the usage of single unit per month.

6.What is the requirement of AC Cable in 1KW?

Minimum 30 meters.

7.What is the requirement of DC Cable in 1KW?

Minimum 20 meters.

8.How many types of Inverter are there?

There are 2 types: On-Grid & Off-Grid.

9.How many Phases does on-Grid Inverter has?

There are 2 types: Single Phase & Three Phase.

10.How many cells are present in the panel of 385W?

72 Cells.