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The solar power battery is one among the foremost innovative products released by PVA Industries. The solar panel is that the highest performing solar panel battery within the market. Our high performance solar batteries ensure best performance that’s beneficial for a range of purposes. The main features of the solar panel battery system are high surface carbon, special grade PE separator, micropores woven gauntlet & advanced paste formulation.

The improved discharge performance is mainly due to the activness of high surface carbon. It results in not only high capacity & excellent life cycle performance but also improves the active material utilization for better performance of the electrodes through a discount within the irreversible lead sulfate on NAM. Being one of the top solar battery supplier in India, we assure people regarding the performance of our products that will power your house in the best possible manner. PVA Solar offers a wide range of batteries including solar batteries for home, which makes us prominent solar battery supplier in the list of renowned solar batteries companies.

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  • High capacity
  • Long Back Up
  • Fast Charging
  • No risk of overcharging
  • Reliable performance
  • Better Battery life
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